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Frying fish

Fish is always processed by diverse methods before eating. Heating process (boiling, grilling, baking and frying) is applied to enhance flavor and taste of food and inactivate pathogenic microorganisms.

Cooking process gives them the desired features which are produced through an elaborate sequence of physiochemical modifications during processing. The changes in the amount of protein and fat were found to be significantly higher in frying and grilling fish.

Frying is the ancient food preparation method which intensifications the physical feature of meal by creation of good odor, appealing look, coating and crispy feature. Since frying involve with a very high temperature it degrades nutrients through hydrolysis and oxidation of fatty acids.

The fish is well known for its taste, high nutritive value, recuperative and medicinal qualities. Fresh fish’s eyes should be bright, clear and bulging. Gills should be bright red and free of slime. Flesh should be firm and elastic. Skin should be iridescent. Frozen fish must be thawed before frying. Separate the pieces and cut to uniform size.

Deep Fat Frying of Fish
The fish may be dipped in a liquid and coated with a breading. or dipped in batter. Oils are not more than half full in fryer, this allows room for fish and bubbling oil.

Breaded or batter dipped fish placed, one layer at a time, in the fry basket so the pieces do not touch. This prevents the temperature of the fat from dropping suddenly and assures thorough cooking and even browning.

Fry in deep oil temperature 350 to 375 °F, until fish is brown and flakes easily when tested with a fork. The temperature of the fat is extremely important. Too high heat will brown the outside of the fish before the centers are cooked. Too low heat will give a pale. greasy. fat-soaked product.

Good batter needs the right grades of flour and other ingredients in a correct balance. It should coat the food evenly and fry crisply.

Pan Frying
Only a small amount of oil is used this method approximately about 1/8 inch of oil in the bottom of a heavy fry pan. Breaded fish is placed in a single layer in the hot oil. Fish is fried at a moderate temperature until lightly browned on one side, before turn and cook on the other side until brown.
Frying fish

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