Monday, August 8, 2022

Dorab wolf-herring (Chirocentrus dorab)

The dorab wolf-herring is a fish species from the genus Chirocentrus of the family Chirocentridae.

The dorab wolf-herring occurs inshore, including brackish waters, from the shore to a depth of about 120 m. They are marine in habitat and are exclusively found mostly in the Indian Ocean and in the Western Pacific to Southern Japan and south to northern Australia. In Australia, it was reported in water temperatures of 26.0-29.0 °C. It feeds mainly on small fish and crustaceans.

They are attracted to lights at night and may suddenly leap from the water towards unwary boaters and anglers.

These fish are extensive and voracious predators with many dagger-like teeth in the jaws. The body is long and elongated. The dorab wolf herring is very compressed, dark bluish-green above, bright silvery on the sides and below, with blackish outer dorsal-fin rays and blackish anterior anal-fin rays.
Dorab wolf-herring (Chirocentrus dorab)

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