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Major Types of Seafood

Major Types of Seafood
There are several ways to consider the major types of seafood consumed.

Over this decade, shrimp and tuna remained the most frequently consumed seafood; the top ten seafood types were consistent, except that tilapia replaced scallops.

The most regional difference in seafood consumption were attributable to freshwater and shellfish.

Generally, consumption of freshwater species was greater in inland compared to coastal regions, but the species consumed varied between northern and southern coastal areas, e.g. consumption of clams was greater in New England whereas consumption of clam was greater in South Atlantic and Pacific states.

Another way of considering the top seafood is to compete the percentage of the population having eaten different types of seafood.

Shrimp and tuna are the types consumed by the largest percentage of respondents and crab salmon, clams, catfish, scallops and cod are included among the top choices.

“Breaded fish” is not identified by type, and could represent some double counting with other types, but is of interest for its relatively high use and caloric density.
Major Types of Seafood

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