Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stingray fish

These fish are widely distributed in oceans and rivers. Stingrays are members of the elasmobranch family a family of fish that includes sharks, marine and freshwater rays and sawfish.

It is a broad, flat fish with a long, whip like tail that may have one or more stingers with barbed ends.

Elasmobranch fish are unique in many ways. They do not have scales; in the place of scales, their skin has dermal denticles, giving it the texture of fine sandpaper. They do not have calcified bones; instead, their skeleton is composed of cartilage.

Stingrays bury themselves in the sand of shallow water, where they can be easily steeped on inadvertently.

The large barbed spine may cause severe and even fatal lacerating injuries, usually to the lower part of the legs but occasionally penetrating the body cavities, heart and viscera when the swimmer falls and lies on, or even swim over the fish.
Stingray fish

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