Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Snakehead fish

The earliest known record of snakehead imported into the contiguous US was published by Brind in 1914. The importation consisted of about 60 juvenile fish that was believed were blotched snakeheads.

Snakeheads originated in Asia, where they are important commercial fish, grown in aquaculture, for spot, and for aquaria. Introduction in the United States are sometimes accidental from aquaria and sometimes intentional, as potential food fishes.
Northern snakehead
Science recognizes 33 species of freshwater fish in the family Channidae, commonly known as snakeheads. It is also known as murrel and serpent-headed fish.

All are aggressive predators distinguish by their long dorsal fins, small heads with large scales on top, and large mouths bristling with sharp teeth.

Various species range from 10 in, in length to more than 3 ft, with a record weight exceeding 60 lbs.

Snakehead is a very tasty and popular fish in most southern and south-eatsern Asian countries. It has long been regarded as a valuable foodfish and its flesh is claimed to be rejuvenating.
Snakehead fish

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