Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tuna fish canning

At the processing plant, the fish are thawed in holding rooms at ambient temperature or in tanks with running water.

When thawed, the fish are eviscerated and washed. They are then cooked in steam, under pressure, and then cooled.

Precooking removes most of the strong flavored oils. The strong flavor of dark tuna flesh affects the delicate flavor of white flesh. When cooled, the heads and skins are removed.

The fish then cut longitudinally after which all bones and the dark meat are removed.

The white meat is shaped, mechanically into a cylinder, feed into cans and cut to length. To pack chunk style tuna, pieces are filled into cans with adjustable filler.

Vegetable oil or a broth containing hydrolyzed vegetable protein in water is metered into the cans, are then heated in steam, sealed, heat-processed. The sterilized cans are cooled in ruining water, wiped and kept in a cool place 10-15.5 °C. The cans then are labeled and stored.
Tuna fish canning

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