Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fish sausage: fish, ingredients and preservatives

In Japan fish sausages are popular products. A common ingredient in fish sausage is edible fat or oil, including lard and vegetable oil.

Lipid content of typical fish sausage is around 7%. The addition of fat oil is indispensable to improve the favor as well as to form the soft, smooth texture.
Almost any kind of fish can be used to make fish sausage, since chopping and grinding of the flesh are involved in the course of processing. However, tuna fish are preferred in Japan because of the meat color stands up well in the finished product.

Chemical preservatives such as furyl furamide and nitrofurazone have been used to give a storage life at ambient temperature of a month or more. The products are cooked and sliceable. Methods of making them were developed during World War II when low cost sausage casings became available.
Fish sausage: fish, ingredients and preservatives 
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