Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Macrobrachium rosenbergii is the largest species of the genus the male can reach a total length (from tip of rostrum to tip of telson) of 320 mm, the females of 250 mm. It is the largest natantian prawn in the world and belongs to the family Palaemonidae.

The body is usually of a greenish to brownish grey, sometimes more bluish color and is darker in larger specimens.

Macrobrachium rosenbergii are found most inland freshwater areas including lakes, rivers, swamps, irrigation ditches, canals and ponds, swell as in estuarine areas.  It is indigenous to south and south-east Asia, northern Oceania, northern Australia and the islands of the western Pacific.

It is a traditional food source throughout this range and now supports a significant aquaculture industry over most of its natural distribution.

It has become the main freshwater prawn species for small-scale and large-scale farming because of its growth, large size, better meat quality, omnivorous feeding habit and established domestic and export markets in Asia.

Macrobrachium rosenbergii live in tropical freshwater environments that are influenced by adjacent brackish areas, due to the fact that its larval development must take place in brackishwater.

Some species of Macrobrachium prefer clearwater rivers while others, including M.
Rosenbergii are often found in extremely turbid conditions.
Macrobrachium rosenbergii

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